UL Jain Fire Laboratory – India’s first of its kind facility launched in Bengaluru

Smart cities can remain mere dreams if smart techniques are not adopted to build the cities. A range of areas need to be addressed and a myriad of scopes need to be explored and among all the aspects the combative nature of the cities to tackle natural disaster is considered of high importance. Like any other natural calamity fire disaster also accounts for loss of several lives and properties and yet India is lagging behind in a big way to initiate measures in this field.

Jain Group, a leading institution, which has led several eye-opening initiatives for the welfare of the society, has emerged as the frontrunner yet again to dot the line between fire safety and academia and establish a world-class facility in fire safety that was never explored hitherto. Partnership between Jain Group and safety science company Underwriters Laboratories (UL) led to the establishment of UL Jain Fire Laboratory (ULJFL) – a first-of-its-kind fire testing laboratory facility in India.

ULJFL facility consists of a fire lab of 240 square meter area with a 13 m high roof for testing fire related products like firefighting foams, different classes of fire extinguishers, sprinklers etc, as per UL Indian standards. The services offered in the facility include foam concentrate, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing agents, fire extinguishing systems, validation, certification, product development, failure analysis, research, reverse engineering, etc.

Jain Group that has set a precedent by bringing in revolution in educational practices and nurturing innovation, has set a significant mark in the history of academic initiatives in India by establishing this world class fire testing laboratory. It is a significant accomplishment not only for the institute but for the country itself to have a laboratory equipped with world class facility that can help customers and industrialists to test fire suppression or extinguishing products.

Although UL has collaborated with different entities to set up a range of laboratories across the country, but this initiative holds great significance as Jain Group is the first educational institute in India with which UL has entered into collaboration to establish a fire safety laboratory. According to the agreement signed between both the institutes, Jain Group will run this facility as a non-profit set up and provide manpower and infrastructure support. UL will assist with technical support and contribute to a year-round training and certification programs.

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  • Inauguration of UL Jain Fire Lab

  • UL Jain Fire Lab Facilities

  • UL Jain Fire Lab - Fire Testing Demonstration

  • Milind Kumar Deshmukh

    Director, National Association of Fire Officers

  • Mukesh Shah

    General Secretary, Fire Protection Association of India (FPAI)

  • Padmapriya Ramanujan

    Head of Technology, Tyco Fire & Security India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Jayhan Bea

    UL USA

  • Pramod Balakrishnan

    Chief Architect

  • Santosh Mazumder

    Tyco Fire & Security

  • JN Bhavani Prasad

    Former DG, CPWD

  • Anantha Raman

    Entrepreneur & Consultant

  • Prof. H S Mukunda

    Professor of Eminence, Centre for Disaster Mitigation
    Jain University

  • Prof. Bhaskar Dixit

    Director, Centre for Disaster Mitigation, Jain University