Education is at the forefront of JGI Group identity. JGI Group, over the years, has been synonymous with imparting quality education in India from the kindergarten to the postgraduate level. The various educational institutions functioning under the banner of JGI Group are testaments of its commitment towards education. Jain College, Jain University, Jain International Residential School, Jain Heritage Schools, and Jain Vidyaniketan are some of the illustrious accomplishments of JGI Group in the education sector.

Quality research is another aspect that has always been in the JGI Group mandate. There are four-hundred research scholars at Jain University, involved in various fields of research ranging from Nanotechnology to Psychology. Eighty-seven research projects have been funded by national and international agencies. The tie-ups with global firms like TUV Rheinland, Underwriters Laboratories, BiOZEEN, and Forum of Federations provide the researchers with high-quality international exposure.

Apart from being an established education provider, JGI Group offers education management services to some of its institutions through Arka Eduserve Private Limited. It offers services like development, establishment, acquisition, operation, maintenance of educational projects, and execution of related works.


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The JGI Group Schools believe that learning at school should be about exploration and discovery. Students enjoy personal guidance, inspirational lessons, and activities that provide an opportunity to develop skills that will set them up for the life ahead.


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The sports schools at the JGI Group came into existence with a vision of helping children to take sports as a career and mould champions in various sports. They identify, nurture, and develop the skills of children and give them the necessary exposure to succeed in the highly competitive world of sports.


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JGI Group's Colleges are centres of academic, artistic, and sporting excellence. Education at the college level facilitates a collaborative as well as individualistic learning, creativity, multiple skills, and broad-mindedness and embarks each student on a journey towards fulfilment of their individual abilities and aspirations.


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JGI Group aims to take its students a step ahead and prepare them for high-flying careers as professionals equipped with the wherewithal to occupy the top echelons of the corporate world. As leaders, they are encouraged to contribute to the global economic growth through their vision and policies.


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Jain University is a deemed-to-be university (Estd. u/s 3 of UGC Act 1956) and a pioneer in the field of education, offering innovative programmes, advanced research facilities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and an engaging campus life. The academic programmes offered by the University vary from a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature to a Master of Science Degree in Forensic Science. Jain University provides excellent infrastructure to its researchers, thereby encouraging them to be inventive and original in their research concepts. The University promotes entrepreneurial ideas and delivers the right platform for its aspiring enterprisers through its entrepreneurial wing. The cultural activities of the University are a reflection of the creative and artistic explorations of its students.