JGI Group is an entrepreneurial hub that facilitates a dynamic environment conducive to the development of new enterprises. Through its angel investing firm JGI Ventures, JGI Group has incubated 50 innovative ventures in areas spanning technology, hospitality, retail, financial services, and real estate.

JGI Ventures is a business incubation company founded in the year 2005 with an aim to inspire and empower young people to become social entrepreneurs. By building an entrepreneurial environment for young people, JGI Group inspires, trains, and coaches entrepreneurs and assists them in transforming innovative ideas and visions into reality, thereby building sustainable communities. JGI Group believes that young people in India have the passion and potential to succeed as entrepreneurs. All they need is encouragement and the right support to turn their ideas into successful business prospects.

Accelerate Enterprise

JGI Group provides business advisory and investment facilitation services to enterprises with high-growth potential. It also cultivates in-country communities of support for the entrepreneurs, which bring other kinds of non-financial support that entrepreneurs need to thrive.

Create New Assets

JGI Group works to create systemic change in order to increase the amount of investment in enterprises. It does this through providing metrics and tools to understand the enterprises financial performance and impact, research for investors, piloting of innovative financing mechanisms, and new fund facilitation.

Nurture Networking

JGI Group facilitates the transfer of lessons learned and best practices in an effort to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship.

Our Investment Sectors


Imparting quality education to the masses is one of the core precepts of JGI Group. Education has the power to enlighten and transform people and JGI Group through its numerous educational institutions is hoping to transform the lives of countless individuals. The institutions range from kindergarten to the research level and provide excellent infrastructure, dedicated faculty, and innovative programmes.


From fine dining experiences to security solutions for homes and offices, JGI Group caters to a wide variety of audience in the hospitality sector. Hospitality sector is a demanding and dynamic industry, which needs constant monitoring. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of hospitality industry and JGI Group mentors budding enterprises to deliver the best.

Niche Marketing

JGI Group promotes specialised markets on a need basis. It identifies dedicated markets that cater specific and unique products to the different segments of society, which may not be readily available in the general market. All the marketing efforts are concentrated on the target audience and a particular product.

Retail Marketing

Retail marketing deals directly with the customers to sell products. JGI Group supports a chain of retail stores, which focus on a variety of goods from furniture to wallpaper. The retail market space is under increasing pressure from the bigger chains and JGI Group provides strategies and tactics to the retailers to survive in this highly competitive segment.

Financial Services

Whether it is insurance, wealth management, or stockbroking, JGI Group delivers sound financial intelligence through its wide network of organisations. Financial security is the foundation on which organisations thrive and JGI Group ensures that its customers get the highest quality of service in this segment.


Technology is a means of empowerment and independence in today's world. In a society driven by technology, scientific advancements have made it possible to analyse and churn out data relevant to improve the overall competence of companies and marketing products to a wider audience. JGI Group's investment in this sector varies from data analytics to digital marketing.

Music and Entertainment

The entertainment industry throws open many interesting avenues for investment. The wholesale production of musical instruments is a largely overlooked business enterprise in India. JGI Group backs ventures like these and emboldens new players to come up with innovative endeavours in this segment.

Real Estate

Real estates are at a premium in the metros of India. Finding the ideal property and location for a personal or business project can be difficult at most times. JGI Group offers real estate services to prospective clients via its partners to make the whole experience hassle-free, whether it is acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilisation, or disposition of property.