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Management Divisions

Mr. Ramamurthy S L

The Vice President of the Finance and Accounts Division, Mr. Ramamurthy SL, has been with JGI Group for almost fifteen years. He is an experienced and skilled chartered accountant adept at handling the day-to-day finances of JGI Group. Mr. Ramamurthy implements financial strategies related to real estate, accounting, investment, and other collaterals, which are vital to the smooth functioning of the organisation. Calm and unruffled at the face of tough challenges, Mr. Ramamurthy leads the demanding Finance and Accounts Department with conviction and dedication.

Ms. Aparna Prasad

A proactive intrapreneur with 13 years of experience in the broad spectrums of Organisational Strategy, Human Resources, and Communications, Ms. Aparna Prasad is the Director of the Office of Corporate Strategy, Communications and Human Resources. She has played a vital role in building the JGI Group brand across the various traditional & new media platforms in India. A strategist par excellence with the ability to think clearly when confronted with complex issues, her resourcefulness & attention to detail lets her find solutions to the toughest of situations. Her excellent communication & interpersonal management skills has led to the creation of a highly motivated team willing to achieve challenging targets against all odds. She continuously upholds the organisational vision & develops policies that are translated into effective operational plans

Mr. M S Parswanath

Mr. M S Parswanath is the Director of the Facilities and Project Division of JGI Group. He oversees the facilities and projects of JGI Group and supervises the daily functioning of the organisation with responsibility. He has been influential in developing, sustaining, and maintaining the infrastructural growth of JGI Group over the years. A key member of JGI Group with 14 years of experience, Mr. Parswanath’s tireless efforts are reflected in the state-of-the-art infrastructure offered by the educational institutions of the organisation.