Exciting openings to exhibit your talent


JGI Group values each individual and the unique skills and background he or she brings to its community. It offers a number of diverse career opportunities and encourages people to discover their true potential in an environment that fosters professional and personal growth.

As a JGI Group employee, one will be part of a dynamic community where every individual is valued. They will reap the rewards of being in a university, college or school campus, and have direct access to education, research community, and a myriad of opportunities to help create a positive impact on students educational experiences.

The Office of Human Resource strives to foster a work environment that enables all employees to embrace the spirit of JGI Group and contribute at the highest possible level to support its mission. It endeavours to create a workplace environment that values integrity, diversity, and development.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to the success of JGI Group and its employees through leadership, service, and excellence in human resource management.
  • To invite, motivate, and retain capable employees who are committed to the group's success and who realise the value of their individual contribution in meeting this goal.
  • To ensure policies are developed, disseminated, and applied professionally and in compliance with the legal and administrative requirements.

Our responsibilities include :

  • Delivery of JGI Group's HR strategy
  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of human resource policies and procedures for academic and non-academic employees
  • Promotion of diversity and equality of opportunity in employment
  • Provide support and specialist advice to departments
  • Maintenance of good employee relations
  • Preparing contracts for employment
  • Maintenance of employee records and employee-based statistics
  • Providing confidential welfare support