JAIN Group Selection Process

Exciting openings to exhibit your talent

Selection Process

Preliminary Screening

HR executives carry out the preliminary screening. They carefully scrutinise the profiles received and identify the candidates who are suitable for the opening on offer.

The basic requirements for openings are

  • Educational qualification
  • Additional specialisation courses
  • Computer knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Previous professional experience
Telephonic Interview

The telephonic interview is conducted with the prospective candidate to apprise him/her about the job on the offer and gauge the aptitude of the candidate. Once the credentials are verified and if the profile of the candidate is suitable to the job on offer, a personal interview is arranged.

Personal Interview

For Graduates and Professionals, the selection process is similar. The personal interview is with the Human Resources Manager who evaluates the candidate based on the personal and professional qualities required for the position and previous experience of the candidate.

Technical Interview

Once the candidates have been screened for a particular position, the Human Resources department prepares a shortlist of the most suitable candidates from the personal interview, which is then presented to the Technical Panel. The panel meets the candidates for a face-to-face interview to assess the technical capability of the candidate for the position on offer.

Final Selection and Feedback

In this phase, the most appropriate candidate for the position on offer is identified and selected by the Management and Human Resources Department. All the other candidates who participated in the selection process are contacted via e-mail by the HR department and informed about the result, while the selected candidate is contacted directly by Human Resources and his/her employment details are discussed.