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He got hooked on to swimming–when he was two-and-a-half years old–after watching his elder brother Balaji swim and has already raked in more than fifty gold medals at the national and zonal level swimming competitions. “I won my first medal in the year 2006. This happens to be a gold medal in 25m backstroke. I remember that medal to this day as it was my first medal and motivated me to do better every time I competed. Since my first medal happened to be in backstroke, I seem to have taken a special liking to it and continue to set new records in it. This experience was really exciting,” says Srihari.

Jain Heritage School has played a big role in his success, "The entire community in JHS is of great help in supporting my aspirations in swimming. I wish to quote one incident in this context - My parents and I had decided that we would not pursue swimming anymore last year. Our Director Archana mam persuaded us not to give up the sport as she had seen my potential. I owe a lot to Mrs. Archana mam and the school for all the support they have provided me. I am also getting financial support in the form of subsidized fees."

Srihari manages to find time for his studies in between his rigorous swimming schedule even though it can be a struggle at times, “given my routine, balancing studies and swimming is a tough act. During the weekends, I read the textbooks first and then go over the notes that I have collected from the school. My brother, Balaji is a big help for me as he tutors me completely. His unique way of teaching has helped me understand subjects like science and maths in sufficient detail. I never study the subjects by rote. I rather try to understand the subject and write in my own words.” Srihari idolizes Michael Phelps and follows other sports like cricket, tennis, and football. His ambition is to represent India in the Olympics and keep himself engaged in sports while continuing his studies.