Why JAIN Group?

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Why JAIN Group?

Jain People - The Jain Family

JAIN Group values people, their work, commitment, and achievements. The Group demonstrates this by providing a good working environment for all staff and by encouraging new and existing staff to be a part of the Jain Community and the Jain Family.

JAIN Group's Culture and Values

Shared culture and values define JAIN Group's community and the way it interacts with those who come into contact with the organisation. A high performance culture requires a challenging yet supportive environment. At JAIN Group, the contributions of individuals and groups are recognised and supported.


JAIN Group is committed to equality of opportunity in employment. JAIN Group's policy and practice on recruitment and selection are designed to ensure a system that is transparent, consistent, and unbiased. The Group wants prospective employees to be treated fairly and have an experience, which enables them to make an informed decision about whether they want to work with JAIN Group.

Staff Development and Training

JAIN Group is committed to the development of its staff, providing periodical performance reviews and opportunities to succeed in their current roles and prepare them for the future. JAIN Group ensures that all employees have equal access to training, which is suitable to their designation and developmental needs.

Learning and Education

As a prominent organisation, JAIN Group is committed not only to the education of its students, but also its employees. Creating a culture of lifelong learning among its employees is critical for the group to remain competitive, perform its mission, and achieve its goals.

JAIN Group employees are encouraged to master their skills for career advancement by acquiring professional credentials or to pursue their research/doctorate degree at Jain University.