Who We Are

Creating educational opportunities and promoting entrepreneurial ventures.

Welcome to JAIN Group

JAIN Group is an education provider and an entrepreneurship incubator in India. The Group successfully operates 77+ educational institutions with 75000 students and 10000 employees engaged at the K-12, undergraduate and postgraduate levels spread across 64 campuses pan India. A leader in the education sector and a pioneer in the venture sector, JAIN Group is in an unswerving quest to explore new possibilities and expand its horizon.

About Us

Founded as an educational institute in the early 1990s, JAIN Group revamped the prevalent methods of education and focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. It created ripples in the educational sector and enabled JAIN Group to establish itself as one of the leaders in the education sector. Jain University, Jain Colleges, Jain Heritage Schools, Jain International Residential School, Jain International Schools,Jain Public Schools, and Jain Toddlers stand testimony to the vision and commitment of JAIN Group towards educational excellence. Education combined with entrepreneurship is the stated aim of JAIN Group.

The organisation encompasses an enthusiastic team of business and financial experts who help in the development and growth of nascent enterprises. Several start-up enterprises have established their businesses through Jain's entrepreneurial vision. More than 100 entrepreneurs and 50 ventures from various domains like IT, Financial Services, Home Decor, Hospitality, Music, Education, and Engineering were incubated by Jain's entrepreneurial wings so far.

Moving forward, the JAIN Group will continue to innovate, evolve, and challenge the dynamic realms of education and entrepreneurship.

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JAIN Group is a creative space where innovation and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand to create harmonious outcomes.

Vision Statement

JAIN Group is committed to human development at all levels through education and entrepreneurship.

Mission Statements

  • To provide quality education from the elementary to tertiary levels thereby creating human assets
  • To fuel economic growth, create systemic changes, and sustainable improvements by developing new generation social entrepreneurs
  • To create a globally networked community of leaders, technocrats, scientists, professionals, sports persons, and artists
  • To foster an ethical environment founded on human values in which both spirit and skill thrives to enrich the quality of life
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Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts Department is the monetary hub of JAIN Group. It monitors the financial transactions of the Group, ensuring adherence to the general legal framework and the fundamental principles of management. Experienced Chartered Accountant, Mr. Ramamurthy S L, heads the Finance department. The department comprises of a team of personnel who exhibit financial acumen and are well versed in managing the dynamics of an ever-fluctuating economy. Services rendered by the department include debt management, capital financing, advisory support, accounting & financial reporting, procurement of materials & services, treasury services, and many more.

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Communication, Human Resources and Student Fee Services

The Office of Communications, Human Resources, and Student Fee Services support the mission and goals of JAIN Group by extending assistance in staff recruitment, HR policy making and implementation, brand identity management, media relations, graphic design, integrated web communications, audio and video production, student fee services, and print management. Each department houses efficient and skillful experts that promote the JAIN Group by consistently delivering communication strategies and creative services. Under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Aparna Prasad, it has been elemental in establishing a recognizable brand identity for JAIN Group.

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Facilities and Projects

The Facilities and Project Department is an integral part of JAIN Group.Mr. M S Parswanath is the Director of the department. The people working under this department handle the responsibility of being caretakers of all the structures and services of Jain Institutions. The services offered by the department vary from simple management and maintenance of existing facilities to hard-core management that involves organisation of events and functions hosted by Jain Institutions. It manages all the backend operations involving structural and serviceable maintenance of all the establishments and is the primary driving force that enables the smooth and seamless functioning of JAIN Group.