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What Drives Us?


Integrity is HR's greatest human asset. The team is obliged personally and professionally to act with honesty and adhere to the loftiest ideals of moral and ethical behaviour.


All JGI Group employees have the collective responsibility of improving and strengthening the well-being of the community and for adhering to norms of behaviour that make this a great place to work.


JGI Group firmly believes in the values of teamwork and its positive influence on the JGI community. Good teamwork improves the bond between employees and ultimately results in better productivity in work and better interpersonal relationships.

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Lecturer Commerce Jain University apply for lecturer job in JGI
Teacher Fundamentals Jain Heritage School Apply for the teachers job in Top School JGI
Assistant Professor English Jain University Apply for the Assistant Professor Job in JGI
Lecturer Electronics Jain college apply for lecturer job in Electronics Department
Assistant Professor Forensic Science Jain University Apply for Assistant Professor Jobs
Lecture of JGI University
Harshith, Faculty, English Department

"If you don’t know who you are, you go and stand in front of a mirror. That reflects what you are. This programme is one such mirror; it gave the exact image of what I am. It enabled me to make those changes that are required to make me an even better person"

University Lecture
Jyothi V, Coordinator of FDP and Faculty, Commerce Department

"It cannot start at the higher level. It has to start from the basics, the core being we have to be best teachers and the rest follows. This FDP programme was conceptualised on the idea that first you become a good teacher and everything else will follow."

Lecture of JGI Group
Dr. Rajdeep K M, Coordinator of FDP and Faculty, Commerce Department

"We wanted to create a strong platform so that the FDP programme creates a second and third rung of leadership as well as a set of excellent teachers. We wanted to give a proper direction to the entire issue where the young faculty as well as the experienced faculty know that JGI Group is serious about teaching."